Congress Theme


The theme of 24th IAHR-APD Congress is “Water for a Changing Future”, emphasizing the urgent need to improve water science and technology to respond to a rapidly changing world and collaborate towards a sustainable future. Eight sub-themes are initially set up under the theme, focusing on water-related hazard and risk reduction, integrated water resources management, eco-hydraulics and environment, water-energy-food nexus, adaptation and resilience to climate change, smart water, sediment regulation and management, estuarine and coastal engineering.


Subtheme 1: Water-related Hazard and Risk Reduction

Subtheme 2: Integrated Water Resources Management

Subtheme 3: Eco-hydraulics and Environment

Subtheme 4: Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Sustainable Economic Development

Subtheme 5: Climate Change: Adaptation, Mitigation and Resilience

Subtheme 6: Smart Water

Subtheme 7: Sediment Regulation and Management

Subtheme 8: Estuarine and Coastal Engineering


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